Vacuum Unit ATEX & DNV 2.7-1

Vacuum Unit 12.000 l/min ATEX & DNV 2.7-1 is an extremely effiecient vacuum unit with very high performance.
When performing cleaning work suction can be done deep down in the process, at up to 40 metres distance, due to the high capacity airflow, which carries water, oil, etc. in the airflow.

It is recommended that in the power supply to the devices N(C) or N(D) - type of circuit breakers is used or type aM for fuses.

The vacuum unit works very well together with a drop tank 1,5 m³ DNV 2.7-1 - learn more about this unit in our product category Drop Tank.

Size: 1400 x 1900 x 2100 mm (L x W x H)
Unit Weight: 2200 kg

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Additional specifications
ATEX Classification:Zone 2, Eex IIB 3G T3
Chassis Type:DNV 2.7-1
Size:1400 x 1900 x 2100 mm (L x W x H)
Unit Weight:2200 kg
Footprint:827 kg/m²
Plug Type:CEAG EX 63
Power Supply:3 x 400 V
Current:58 A
Working Range:Hose dependant
Maximum Pressure:1,5 bar
Tank Volume:1100 Ltr

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