Nitrogen Booster Compressor

Nitrogen Booster Compressor. 

Modified HP compressor fitted into frame allowing it to be handled manually.
Customized to pressure test or leak test applications in offshore environment.

ATEX Compliance to:

  • ATEX compliance Mechanical: EX II 3G IIB T3 (Zone 2)
  • ATEX compliance Electrical: EX II 2G IIB T3 (Zone 1)


Unit Weight: 350 kg

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Additional specifications
ATEX Classification:EX II 3G IIB T3 (Zone 2)
Chassis Type:Welded frame design
Unit Weight:350 kg
Power Supply:3x400 V 50 Hz
Current:16 A
Maximum Pressure:110 Bar
Compressed Air Supply:5 Bar
Airflow:22,2 Nm³/h

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