March 2018: New BLUE WOLF Offshore Generators. The offshore product  series BLUE WOLF expands its territory.

Our brand new series of BLUE WOLF offshore generators are designed specifically for the OFFSHORE INDUSTRY. 
Longer service intervals, increased performance and reliability and of cause competent technical support 24/7-365 -  are a few of the vital parameters needed be admitted in to the BLUE WOLF wolfpack – and what we call “Better by Design”. 
As with the rest of our BLUE WOLF product series  designed for the offshore industry; the BLUE WOLF concept offers best in class choice of components, and user friendly design of the units. 
BLUE WOLF is our concept and design philosophy, which in 2017 was rewarded with a DANISH DESIGN AWARD  finalist spot in the category “Costs Savings”. 
“The BLUE WOLF concept has throughout the years been implemented in design of our rental fleet and the concept is by many in the industry recognized as the very best and safest choice of equipment” says owner and director Pieter Mouritsen. 
The BLUE WOLF generator series will for starters be 60/ 100 and 1000 kVA units. 
With the all new BLUE WOLF generator series – Pieter Mouritsen A/S are once again increasing invests in our rental fleet to keep up with the increased activities we are experiencing in the offshore industry at the moment.  

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