Compressor 7m³ ATEX & DNV 2.7-1

PM700 Compressor: ATEX Zone 2 Compressor in light weight DNV 2.7-1 aluminium frame (only 1723 kg. net !). With 7m³/min 10 bar performance the unit is suitable for most offshore maintenance tasks such as sandblasting, power source for pneumatic tools, etc. The ATEX converted diesel engine is fitted with electrical starter, making the unit completely independent and easy to install at any offshore location. With design focus on low maintenance and easy-to-operate technology, this compressor is ideal for the offshore environment.

Størrelse: 2358 x 1399 x 1795 mm (L x B x H)
Vægt: 1723 kg

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Yderligere specifikationer
ATEX Klassifikation:Zone 2 - 3G IIB T3
Ramme type:DNV 2.7-1 light weight aluminium frame
Størrelse:2358 x 1399 x 1795 mm (L x B x H)
Vægt:1723 kg
Fladelast:523 kg/m²
Max. tryk:10 bar
Slange tilslutning:1" CEJN + 2" BSP
Støjniveau:85 dB(A)
Diesel Kapacitet:190 L
Brændstofforbrug:18 l/h
Luftflow:7 m³/min (250 scfm/min)

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